Day Excursion Programs

nature-reporterDay Excursion Programs

Prep - Nurture Play Learn is an outdoor learning experience informed by Nature Play philosophies and Story Thread pedagogies to connect student to natural environments.

Cedar  is a self-declared Nature Reporter. He has a special Nature Reporter Notebook that he takes on adventures in his backyard to record all of the exciting things that he sees. Cedar has discovered that before he leaves the house he needs to be prepared.

Nurture, Play, Learn, involves the students in Cedar’s story. Cedar’s Nature Reporter Notebook has been found by one of our staff, incomplete.  The students are enlisted as Nature Reporters. It is their job to come to Currumbin with their 5 senses tuned in and then piece together Cedar’s notebook. The Prep Nature Reporters will play and investigate the needs of living things. The clues (living and non-living) that they find will be used to complete Cedars notebook.

Year 2 – Burleigh Mountain (Jellurgal) Cultural Day