Residential Programs


Connecting to Country  - Year 4Connecting to Country - Year 4.jpg

What was life like for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples before the arrival of the Europeans? Why do Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples have such strong connections and custodial responsibility for the land, sea, sky and waterways?

To find out, we must walk in the footsteps of an Indigenous jarjum.

For more information, refer to Connecting to country Year 4 (PDF,3.2MB)

Feeding Our Future - Year 4Feeding the Future.jpg

Wanted – worker bees!

The "hive" at Currumbin Valley Camp are seeking worker bees to help with the design and implementation of sustainable, organic and bee friendly veggie gardens.  Working together, "bee" prepared to investigate, regenerate, pollinate and change the world through food.

To fill this position, give us a "buzz"!

For more information, refer to Feeding our future year 4 (PDF,1.8MB)

Curubin Valley Rescue (CVR) - Year 5

CALLING ALL CADETS! Currumbin Valley Rescue wants you!Currumbin Valley Rescue.jpg

We are seeking students to Communicate well with others, Value their teammates and be Resilient when times get tough.  If that sounds like you, then we need you to "answer the call"!

Currumbin Valley Rescue – where, Together Everyone Achieves More.


For more information, refer to Currumbin valley rescue year 5 (PDF,1.8MB)


Caring for Self, Others and Place - Year 5 & 6Self Others Place Year 5-6.jpg

How can we best navigate our way through and thrive in our complex world?  What are strategies to overcome challenges, manage stress, cultivate positivity and connect with others and our natural world?

To find out, we must explore our worlds of Self, Others and Place!  

For more information, refer to Self others place year 5 - 6 (PDF,2.8MB)


Rhythm Discovery - Year 6Rhythm Discovery Year 6.jpg

What is a healthy rhythm in your life? What are the "bass notes" that bring us all together in healthy and respectful ways?  What are the rhythms that disrupt our lives? 

Come and explore with us, as we embark on an adventurous journey of Rhythm Discovery! 


For more information, refer to Rythm Discovery year 6 (PDF,3MB)


Valley Views - Year 7 & 8Valley Views.jpg

It is said that "awareness is the greatest agent for change", (Eckhart Tolle). Together, we can build awareness of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, roles and responsibilities, and deepen our connection to community and the environment.

Join us on a literal and metaphoric journey to bring awareness to our views of Self, Others and Place.

For more information, refer to Valley views year 7-8 (PDF,1.8MB) 


Exploring Identity Through Story and Place – Year 10 to 12 

"A life-changing journey of limit pushing and self-discovery."

"Journey towards self-love and growth – best experience of my life!!!"                   

(Year 11 Students)

A Rites of Passage delivered through outdoor learning brings a sacredness back to times of transition and a holding space for young people to explore their sense of self, honour their gifts and create a positive vision for their future. The journey awaits you …

For more information, refer to Exploring identity through story and place year 10 to 12 (PDF,2.9MB)

Last reviewed 18 May 2020
Last updated 18 May 2020